Over the years, we have received many awards and accolades, as well as both national and regional recognition for our work.  All of that is extremely gratifying, of course, but what makes the real difference and where we find the greatest satisfaction is in seeing the difference we have been able to help our clients achieve in their own lives.

We appreciate our clients taking time from their busy schedules to write to us, and we are pleased to share a few of their comments with you now.

Fanny T
Age 27

Losing my hair was very traumatic. I tried perming it, teasing it, coloring it, anything to keep my scalp from showing.

It hurts dramatically when you're going bald. People make fun of you. I cried tears of joy when I got my hair back with Reallusions. I found my new self. I feel good about myself again.

Julie B
Age 38

My scalp would get sun burned easily. Once my friend took a picture of me and I could not believe how thin my hair had gotten. I knew I had to do something about it.

With Reallusions I can wear any style, any way I want to:  long, short, and color too.


Marcia L
Age (we're not telling)

I did not want to go anywhere because people would see my thin hair. I discovered Reallusions and it changed my life.

How refreshing to have such friendly staff delivering all that was promised and more.


Sheryl B
Age 35

I almost never wanted to go out.  I totally avoided other people.  I tried many products for hair loss without any results.

I used to be so self-conscious and embarrassed. Now I feel confident! Reallusions works for me. I love it!


Age 43

My hair started to thin about a year ago. My doctor prescribed Rogaine. After three months of use I showed no results.

Luckily, I discovered Hal's, for which I'll always feel grateful.

I feel like a new women today and I love it.


All of the above client photos have been taken with a standard 35mm or digital camera. Hairlines are real, and have not been retouched.

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